Free downloads

Here are some links to a variety of programs we use ourselves and which we can readily recommend to our customers.  All of the downloads are free; just click on the relevant link and follow the instructions.

Antivirus Software

AVG Antivirus: Effective antivirus and anti-spyware software for PCs. click here
Avira: Comprehensive antivirus software for business and domestic users. click here

Browser Software

Google Chrome: Our favourite web browser.  Easy to use and better security than Internet Explorer. click here
Mozilla Firefox: Highly customisable browser that’s fun and fast. click here
Flash Player: You’ll need this in order to watch YouTube videos and other media. click here

Office Software

Open Office: Free software suite that’s fully compatible with Microsoft Office. click here
GIMP: Image editor that’s similar to Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. click here
FileZilla: Free FTP client for uploading your website. click here
Team Viewer: Clever remote tool that’s used for computer support. click here

Other Apps

VLC Player: Great media player that’s compact, uncluttered and supports most file formats. click here
CPUZ: Good tool for over-clocking.  To find out more about over-clocking - and how to do so safely - speak to a member of the Itekk computer team. click here