Services we provide

Itekk offer a complete range of computer services including laptop and PC repair, web design, hosting and digital media.  We can also perform call-outs for routine maintenance and to attend to those emergency jobs that just can’t wait.  Among the services we provide are the following:

Laptop & computers repair:

Is your machine misbehaving?  Has your hard drive given up the ghost or is your screen on the blink?  The dedicated repair team at Itekk have all the skills, tools and know-how to restore your laptop, PC, Mac or tablet device to full health.  From upgrades to complete repairs; whatever it takes, we’ll administer some TLC to your computer and soon have it running better than ever.

Virus, malware & spyware removal:

Rogue threats are a hazard that every PC and business network face on a daily basis.  With the right antiviral software and firewall in place, your computer can repel the attacks that come its way in the form of spyware and malware.  For your computer to effectively keep such hazards at bay, antiviral software needs to be regularly updated and your hard drive should be periodically scanned for viruses.  We can run diagnostics to check your computer’s health and to remove all viruses, malware and spyware.

Website design & development:

Whether it’s the creation of a business website, the maintenance of an existing site or launching a personal web page, Itekk can help.  Our skilled design team can build you a clean, professional site from scratch, or  augment your current site to include blog and social media integration and embedded dynamic content.  We can make sure your site looks better, loads faster and is more navigable than the competition, helping give your business the edge.

Hosting for websites:

Hosting for websites: Web hosting needs to be safe, secure and cost-effective.  The hosting package we offer comfortably meet all these criteria.  For just a few pounds a month, we can host your website on the domain of your choice using servers that feature minimal downtime and maximum security.  We’ll ensure you have enough bandwidth to meet your demands and can enable the use of popular CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla so you can easily update your web content.

Graphic design & business branding:

On the web and in print, the Itekk design team excel at creating logos, graphics and other promotional material to reinforce your brand identity and drive growth.  Whether it’s a comprehensive rebranding exercise or a social media campaign you’re looking to launch, talk to us.  We’re full of creative ideas and we’d love to help breathe new life into your business branding.

Broadband & wireless installation:

Looking to install a new business network in your office?  Planning to upgrade your home broadband and install wifi throughout the house?  Our installation team can take care of the whole process, saving you from the stress and hassle that comes with trying to route cables and install the software that your network requires.

Callouts, repair & upgrades:

If your home computer or business network can’t come to us, we’ll visit it instead.  We don’t charge for local area callouts, so you can request a site visit without having to worry about the cost.  We can also perform on-site repairs and upgrades.  To find out more about the system maintenance, repair and upgrade service we can provide, call us directly.